Where To Donate In Boston Besides Goodwill

Donating is a great way to get rid of unwanted clutter without going on a guilt trip of wasting. Everything you give away to donations is then used by someone who needs it more. So while you enjoy your newfound empty space, someone may be enjoying the warm feeling of your daisy green knitted sweater.

There are so many donations programs in Boston that will take your things and help others with them. There are some places that can take everything and anything you have to offer, per say Goodwill. And then there are places that only take specific things.

First, it is essential to understand what you can donate. Although you may think, ‘well can’t everything be given?’ that isn’t entirely true. It is true that you can give almost everything away to be used again, but only if it’s in good enough condition. There is a line between reusable and garbage.

For instance, your toys may be old and dirty. But if all the pieces are still together, then a little wash is enough to make it donation ready. If your toys have missing parts and don’t look remotely like what they did before, then they should head to the black bin.

Likewise, clothes that get ripped and mangled shouldn’t be given away. And books with rips in the middle aren’t wanted in the library.

These are some basics to keep in mind when rummaging through your unused things. And after sorting everything out, here are some places to consider donating your things.


Letting go of books is hard, especially when there is sentimental value. But sometimes you do end up outgrowing books. Other than local public libraries and schools, here are a few places that you can give your old novels to.

  • Commonwealth Books They are located in Downtown where they have a wide selection of books. Anything you have to offer them will be gratefully taken and added to their collection of over 40 000 books.

  • More Than Words takes not only your books but your old CDs, DVDs and video games. Everything sent here helps this foundation create an income to help the many children they have. They create possibilities for them in their education and future.

Art Supplies

If you have an artist in the house or are an artist yourself, then there are some places that would appreciate your unwanted art supplies. Admittedly, not everything bought for that big art project you planned on doing gets done. That may leave a lot of unnecessary additions to your art closet. So here are some places you can check out that will use your old supplies.

  • Art For Humanity is a program that works to encourage youth to follow their artistic dreams. They are an employment system helping young artists. They help them discover what they are capable of and where they stand in the employment field. They take donations from you so traditional art can be encouraged.

  • ArtRelief or Expressive Arts Therapy Center offers a calming program for many. They take the ill, disabled, and the curious on a trip through the relaxation art can offer. It varies from all of the arts; visual, musical, dance and more. They hold special events and are open to the community. They will accept your art supplies, giving many others a chance to experience the magic of art.

Baby Items

The phrase ‘they grow up so fast’ is true. It seems like only yesterday they were crawling around, babbling and you were out buying onesies for them. Now they can walk and talk and you have piles of things they suddenly don’t need, can’t fit in or don’t care for anymore. Luckily, there are places that can take those off of your hands when the time comes.

  • Room to Grow helps parents get ready for the parenting stage coming up in life. They even help provide them with some of the necessities. You can give things you find you don’t need (like that diaper box you never opened) to mothers who do.

  • Cradles to Crayons is a foundation that helps families in need. They provide their children with supplies other children have. This includes baby clothes and toys that your baby has outgrown. They also accept health products for children, just as long as they are not used.


You outgrow your clothes all the time. Things go out of style or time catches up to the fabric. And you quickly have a reason to not want old clothes. Kids end up outgrowing last year’s sweaters and the hand-me-downs come to an end. So instead of throwing old clothes, you can give them away to multiple centers that will welcome the donation.

  • Second Chances is a place that will take everyone’s clothing, boy or girl, man or woman. They’ll take your clothes and accessories, even those shoes that you don’t wear anymore. They take all sizes, and all types, so no need to worry if your clothing items may not be what they are looking for. They are looking for everything wearable.

  • Dress for Success is a little different than other clothing foundations. Instead, they take business clothing for women, helping them dress for success and provide even after that. They help build skill sets and create professional women ready for the business world. It is a great way for you to make use of your old suits that you wore to work when that chapter of your life is over.

Cell phones

Cell phones are everywhere. They have become a part of daily life since they are a key to the world for everyone. So, naturally, everyone wants the best phone for themselves. This means discarding your old mediocre one for an upgrade. But instead of throwing away your old phone, you can donate them to services who will gladly reuse them.

  • Mass Recycle is a program that works to improve the state of the recycling service. Not enough gets recycled and they wish to educate and aid in the recycling process of society. This also includes your cell phones. They can reuse all the things used to make your phone and turn it into something new. It may not be your everyday donation, but it is a much-appreciated act.

  • Smartphone Recycling has been recycling your phones since 2002. They are all over the US and connected to other foundations. They support the act of recycling cell phones. So if you are looking for a place to give your phone, then look no further.


There are other foundations out there that aren’t quite like others. One example is animal shelters. They need some of your old things as well. They take money so that they can buy things on their own yes. But if you have old pillows, blankets, carriers, pet food or toys, they’ll be happy to take those off your hands too.

  • Mspca Angell takes your old blankets and soft bedding and puts them to use for animals. Care products for animals ranging from dogs to bunnies are accepted as well. Anything that your pet may not be interested in anymore or something that is old and not needed can go to the animal shelter.

If you look out to the world carefully, you can find that a lot of people are in need. You can help them by giving them things that you don’t need anymore. So be cautious round spring cleaning, there are a lot of things that shouldn’t be thrown away.