6 Ways a Professional Organizer Can Help You with Your Move

The idea of moving from one home to another is a big one. Everything that belongs to you has to go which you may come to realize is a lot.

 There are many common mistakes people make during the process of moving. The biggest perhaps is to underestimate the immensity of the move. With the help of a professional mover, you can get the help, reassurance, and preparation you need to allow your move to go as smoothly as possible.

 Here is a list of 6 ways a professional organizer can help you with your move.

1.  Creating a Schedule

When people decide to move, one very common mistake they make is procrastination. Homeowners hold off packing the boxes and their belongings until convenient. This then becomes an anxious jam-packed disaster where everyone is running around in the last minute. You’re liable to leave things behind if you do this.

 A professional organizer can help you choose a specific date well away from the present day on which you’ll be moving. Once a date gets chosen, the idea of moving becomes real to you and everyone else in the house.

2. Purge through Your Belongings

Once you decide to crack into your packing, you’ll come to realize just how much stuff you have. Living in one place can bring forth a lot of items you may not even remember having. With your professional organizer, you can select items that will be going with you and others that won’t make the trip forward.

 You can donate your belongings or gift them away to family and/or friends. Anything that really doesn’t serve any purpose can be thrown away. Pack only the things you need, and leave out things that serve no purpose to you anymore.

 When you purge through your belongings, be sure to go through everything. This includes your clothes, decorations, linens, books, miscellaneous objects, and even furniture. If you have kids, then you can help them go through their toys, books, games, and clothes. Moving opens a new chapter in your life, so it’s best to let old things go and introduce new ones in your new home.

3. Research Your Moving/Unpacking Team

You and your professional organizer can look into moving and unpacking teams that’ll suit your schedule. Of course, your hired professional organizer will know better who is fit for you and who will help you to the best of their ability.

 Finding the right moving team can help you figure out if you’re the one packing all your belongings, if the team is going to do this, or if it’s a mix of both. The most common case is that you pack your smaller belongings while the team packs all the bigger furniture.

 Then there’s the unpacking team. With the right orchestration, you can have your unpacking team place all your boxes in the proper room. They can also help open the necessities in closets, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. They can smoothen out the unpacking process by doing all the harder, more required work while you adjust to your new home.

4. Organize Your Boxes

Labeling your boxes is a great way to properly manage the move. With your professional organizer, decide which items need prioritization. Also, decide what doesn’t need to be unpacked right away. All the items you need right away should be packed in the end so they’re in front when you reach your new home. Everything else can go in the back of the truck in corners and sides so they’re taken out last.

Your boxes should indicate which room the items belong to and where you want them to go. Try making your labels as specific as possible as well as easy to understand. Here are some examples;

  • Master bedroom closet

  • Kitchen cabinets

  • Living room decorations

  • Bathroom utilities

  • Kids room toys

All these are easy enough to understand and give off a good idea where they’re supposed to go. Just as well, you can keep a personal notebook that has all your boxes listed. This ensures you don’t lose anything during the fuzz and confusion of moving. 

5. Organize Your New Home

Keeping your professional organizer for longer means you can get their expert help in organizing your home the first time around.

They can help you fix up your kitchen so it’s the most practical it can be. They can fit your living room furniture so it’s roomy. They can even design the master bedroom for presentation and constructive use. You can make your new house feel like home with the help of your professional organizer.

Of course, you’ll get the chance to use your own ideas and thoughts when collaborating with them, it is your house after all.

6. Less Stress

Having a professional work by your side to ease this life-changing process can really calm the nerves. It’s already a big step, moving to a new home with all your belongings. You could be turning a new leaf for the better, but it still weighs down on you.

 Moving out of your previous home can be hard, and if you’re not careful, tricky. To get the best fresh start on your new home and life, you’ll want the first step to go as placidly as possible.

The first step is getting there. You have the assurance of a professional who has helped homeowners move multiple times and knows how to handle the drill.

They can make moving seem like a light matter, something easy and entirely manageable. They’ll help you adjust and prepare, along with arranging the actual moving day which is the most stressful of them all.

Trusting a professional organizer with your move can turn this experience into an easy going trip. It’ll all be done in a set schedule, everything will find its way to your new home and you can relax when it’s all over.