How To Make The Most Out Of Small Spaces

Small spaces can be found in every house. Your bathroom, pantries, and closets are all great examples, and areas that never seem to have enough room for all of your belongings. The frustration of not having enough room in these places is shared by almost everyone. Luckily, there are organizing techniques you can use to make these spots both presentable and spacious. With a little creativity, anything can be turned into handy storage space.

How To Make The Most Out Of Small Spaces

1. Clear out the floor

When it comes to small spaces, there won’t be a lot of floor space. All of this space is precious for navigating around the room. Bathroom, closet, and pantry floors should all be clear so you can walk around easily.

This means your belongings will have to be stashed in extra storage spaces. This includes using wall space instead of the floor. Think of shelving the inside of cabinets and pantries to maximize storage space.

2. Hangings

Running short of space inside of your closet? You can always try new hanging techniques to make more space. For starters, hang more than one item on a hanger. You can have whole outfits hung together so choosing your clothes in the morning is easier. And you have more spare hangers.

If you’re low on hanging space, then create a railing that runs along your wall and right through corners. You can create extra hanging space for yourself and not have to cluster your clothes together.

3. Extra storage spaces

Whether you’re out of shelf, closet, or cabinet space, involving more storage compartments never hurt anyone. Extra storage compartments can be stackable boxes and organizers. They help make room in smaller areas, designate more precise placement for everything and of course, a much neater room.

4. Pegboards

A pegboard is an ingenious way of saving space and efficiently organizing your belongings. You can place your pegboard on any open space along the wall where you’ll then be able to hang anything you need to.

Follow the grid pattern or simply toss your belts, purses, and shoes onto the pegboard. Everything will be right in front of you when you need it. And you won’t find anything on the floor.

5. Storage underneath furniture

One place where space is always taken for granted is underneath furniture. Sometimes, placing your shoes and boxes underneath chairs, tables, and shelves is a great space-saving idea. Everything remains out of sight and you have a designated spot to place your belongings.

When it comes to tight spaces though, you do want to stray from having anything on the floor. So, only use this idea if you’ve run out of space completely. Otherwise, placing items under furniture can still keep the floor clear.

6. Floating shelves

There are some things that’ll always be on display. You might need these items on a daily basis. Books, toiletries, blankets, pillowcases, wallets and more.

A creative way to make some extra space for these items is using floating shelves. These shelves can be placed anywhere on the wall, placed over corners and other furniture. At the same time, they also create aesthetic appeal. The fact that they are connected to nothing but the wall makes it appear that they’re floating.

7. Baskets and organizers

When all else fails, there’s always time to purchase baskets, boxes, and organizers for your rooms. Anything that’s standing alone or is likely to get misplaced can be given a home in baskets and containers. These containers and baskets can then go anywhere most convenient for you, even if that does mean the floor. So long as you can find them when you need them most.

You can place toiletries, cleaning supplies, jewelry, and miscellaneous items inside your baskets and boxes. They typically never have a set spot which means they’re constantly drifting through the room.

8. Hanging your shoes

The most common spot to place your shoes is by the doors on the floor. This is mostly done for convenience at the moment. But what about the shoes that you don’t wear every day? Leaving them under the bed or along the wall takes up valuable space.

That is why it’s a better idea to hang your shoes up. From the heels, you can hang your shoes on hooks placed on your closet wall. This technique keeps your shoes out of the way but still clean and easy to access.

9. Hide items behind artwork, doors, and mirrors

If you have keys, jewelry, headbands, or anything that can be hung, then don’t hesitate to do so. Valuables aren’t as hard to hide as you think. Closet doors are a great place to hide plenty of things, including your jewelry. Display all of it over the surface of the door so you can easily access it but others won’t have the slightest clue where to look.

If you have an art piece by the main door or in your room, this could be a great place to hang your keys. Hanging your keys behind art pieces can keep them out of sight and save you some wall area.

Mirrors are the next best option to hide your belongings behind. Out of sight, out of mind, and you can use the mirror on its own.

10. Hide the trash bin

Your trash bin only carries in one thing; trash. No one likes to see it and it takes up space. A great way to remove this nuisance from your bathroom or pantry is by hiding it.

Place your trash can behind a door or inside of a closed cabinet, that way it stays out of view and takes up no valuable space. You can easily find it when you have to throw away garbage but not smell it when it’s tucked away.

There are so many ways you can clean out and organize your small spaces. Space is always available so long as you can be resourceful.