Moving & Life Transitions

Whether you’re moving into a new home, setting up house to welcome a new baby or parent, or downsizing now that your kids have grown, we can help. We love working with clients undergoing a life change or relocation.

Handling a move or setting up house to welcome a new family member isn’t just physically and emotionally demanding. The preparation takes a lot of time that you might not have to spare.

We make your move the calm and even (gasp!) enjoyable transition it should be. We sort out items before your move, declutter, inventory if needed, and even help with the packing so your things are easy to find when you’re unpacking. We’ll even make sure you’re not paying to move boxes you haven’t opened in years. We help you set up your new space based on what's important to you and the way you operate.

After a move, if you’ve still got a spare room filled with unpacked boxes, we can help you unpack, sort through, and distribute these items in a way that keeps your life streamlined, simple and joyful. 


Whether you’re selling your home occupied or vacant, staying objective about your home’s appearance can be tricky. We make your property irresistible to the largest number of buyers by featuring its strengths and minimizing its weaknesses.

While beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, there are certain elements to successful home selling which don’t change. When you’ve got a house to sell, we view it with an objective eye and stage it to stand out from the crowd and to look its very best at every angle. We take stock of all the details of your home and rearrange as needed to appeal not only to the largest pool of sale prospects, but to those who may have more disposable income to offer. Best of all, we make staging and selling your home easy and stress-free even.

Let’s get your stuff in order.