I was nervous that I wouldn’t be motivated to complete the task, but I was not nervous about working with Ditch the Clutter. My house looks GREAT! Closets are organized. Kitchen is organized. I feel like my house is a home. Cori is very adaptable to the needs of her clients and would take over when I wasn’t sure what to do. She is so very organized and I was able to work with her to reach my ultimate goals. I would recommend her services to any and all of my friends, family - anyone!! Cori is amazing, friendly and so easy to work with. She helped make the entire process less of a chore and made it more of a fun project!
— Jami B. (Newton, MA)
At first, I was SCARED, but in the end, I was grateful for the nonjudgmental assistance and viewpoint adjustment that prompted me to dispose of items I was holding onto partly out of guilt! Ditch the Clutter is so pleasant to work with, fast and affordable - I wish I’d called sooner! I slept like a rock knowing some order had been restored in my life! As noted above, Cori does not judge! People living in cluttered spaces might be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves for letting things get so out of control for whatever the reason. Ditch the Clutter really put me at ease by not adding to that burden.
— Leslye S. (Boston, MA)
Cori is Magic.
Her candor, professionalism and diligence are unmatched. Feeling the effects of a big move and lengthy renovation project I reached out to Cori to start what seemed like an overwhelming unpacking process. A highly organized person by nature I just couldn’t get out of my own way. Cori got that this process was equally spacial as it was emotional. I cannot say enough about Cori and her menu of services. It is well worth the investment to work with her. I wholeheartedly recommend Cori and Ditch the Clutter for your next organization project big or small.
— Monica S. (Brookline, MA)
Today, Cori came by and worked with me for four hours to re-organize and set up my personal home files. Although I am very organized, I do not always have the patience to do the detailed work that Cori cheerfully does! She works independently and efficiently. A pleasure to work with! Thank you.
— Sandra A. (Waltham, MA)
Cori was amazing! She helped me organize teaching supplies. She suggested categories, labeled everything and remembered where everything went when we found something that went into a category we thought we were done with. My favorite part is that she took all of my donations then mailed me a receipt.
— Pamela R. (Framingham, MA)
Cori has been awesome! I feel liberated, emotionally lighter and frankly, productive, with every session! She’s taught me new tricks - even for organizing my work, introduced me to new products and has taken care of related errands (like dropping things off to Goodwill, cleaners or repair shops). She is a simply a joy to work with!
— Michelle S. (Milton, MA)
Cori from Ditch the Clutter helped make our downsizing and move to our new home go “like buttah.” In addition to being a friendly and meticulous crackerjack organizer, Cori has access to all the resources you may need. We highly recommend her for any job, big or small.
— Ben A. (Boston, MA)
I used DTC to help organize my home office. Totally happy. Cori did a superb job going through 20 years worth of files, financial statements, correspondence, photos, warranties, various papers, much of it outdated and unnecessary to keep. We got rid of more than 200 lbs of ‘stuff’ and made room for expertly organized easily accessible files. Cori is a real professional - good communicator, works efficiently, does a great job.
— Kenneth G. (Chestnut Hill, MA)
We are empty nesters moving from a house that we have lived in for 25 years. The new space is a two bedroom condo with no basement or other area dedicated for storage except for some decent closet space. We were also challenged by the relatively short time of about a month we had to complete our move.

Cori was a godsend. I can’t count the number of ways in which she helped us. She recommended wonderful people and companies to help us remove our unwanted stuff, clean our carpets, clean our new condo and move us to the smaller condo. Everything about Cori was very professional and yet she conducted herself in a very low key friendly manner at all times. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who needs to get their house in order.
— Robert M. (Westwood, MA)
I used Ditch the Clutter to help declutter and organize my clothes. After Cori and I initially communicated about this process, I took it upon myself to get started and thought there really wasn’t much left to do...

Boy, was I wrong!

Cori’s system is unmatched! From the moment she shows up at your door with her “Mary Poppins bag” and that great smile you realize you made the right choice! I wasn’t expecting the process to be an emotional one, but it was, and she made me feel nothing but comfortable the entire time! Even my husband (who at first didn’t understand why I was doing this) is asking when we can have his done next!

We will absolutely be using Ditch the Clutter in the future!
— Jenna M. (Swampscott, MA)
She followed through with EVERYTHING she said would and then some! I just wished I had found her YEARS ago!
— D.C. (Quincy, MA)
It might sound dramatic to say working with Cori at Ditch the Clutter was life changing, but it was! I’m a very organized person by nature, but it was SO nice to have someone there to help me sort through everything and give me ideas I may not have come up with (not to mention someone to haul everything away at the end). Cori was so upbeat and nonjudgmental, the process really felt like a breeze even though over two sessions we wound up getting rid of over two cars-full of stuff! I really cannot recommend Cori enough. She came up with a way to display my mugs using a lazy Susan I had planned to get rid of that I still admire daily. If you think it would be useful to have someone help you de clutter, go with Cori and Ditch the Clutter - you won’t regret it!
— Dana D. (Brookline, MA)
It was very positive and she was so understanding. I fully recommend Cori.
— Alicia H. (Weymouth, MA)
Our initial 1 hour session, a clutter consult/walk-through session, was really helpful. I got a lot of great ideas on places to get rid of stuff responsibly. I started working on that immediately, donated bags of clothes, boxes of books, and boxes of old computer stuff. Very, very helpful. In our first 4 hour session, my intent was to ‘make a dent’ in my basement Clutter Zone 0, but we made way more than a ‘dent’, and almost completed sorted and organized the entire space. Expert, nonjudgemental guidance, can-do attitude, at a good price.
— Ben T. (Malden, MA)
This was a great experience and I would absolutely recommend this service. The desk area as well as the mudroom are now (and continue to be!) in order thanks to the organizing done. My kids love using the desk as an actual desk! My favorite thing is that they have a designated space for their crafts. I also learned how to approach other areas of my house that needed to be decluttered. :) Thank you!
— Anna G. (Wellesley, MA)
I didn’t have any hesitations working with Ditch the Clutter and, it works! Cori is the best, she’s exactly what I’ve needed for years. I’m able to get rid of the guilt of tossing stuff that’s causing clutter. I would absolutely recommend this service.
— Eileen S. (Boston, MA)
Having just lost my mother, I was completely overwhelmed with the prospect of breaking down my parents home of 56 years. I am very grateful for the tremendous understanding and sensitivity with which Cori assessed the situation and outlined a project plan. Together she and I unearthed family treasures, donated to meaningful charities, and sold, recycled, and discarded items responsibly. Through this process, I found the strength to let go and now the house is market-ready. Thank you Ditch the Clutter!
— Anne T. (Waltham, MA)
Cori is a true professional with all the organizing credentials to back it up.She has helped me plow through 4000 sq ft and 20 plus years of stuff. She keeps me up beat with this daunting task that I have avoided for years.We have come across at least 7 books on “how to organize “ in my piles of literature that have come to no avail and so there’s nothing like a true organizer and Cori is it ! I have dreaded this task for so long and to my surprise Cori has made it fun ! I couldn’t do this clearing without Cori. Thank you.
— Pam D. (Belmont, MA)
An amazing business with so much passion, professionalism, and care!!
— Bar P. (Boston, MA)
After years of trying to get my paper work organized I found Ditch the Clutter. Hiring the owner was the best thing I could have done. She is very good, understanding and works carefully with you. It is very hard at times throwing things out and finding paper work you did not know you had. She understood how to help as well as get the system in place. I know have years of paper work in a file system that I can work with very well and find what a need very quickly. I do not have enough words to describe how grateful I am.
— Lorraine (Boston, MA)
Bottom line: Cori is OUTSTANDING. Hire her today! The Details: I interviewed and even had a couple of other organizers come out to help me get some control of the chaos reigning though my house, but didn’t really have success or make a good connection with any of them. Cori and I traded texts and messages for close to a year before we finally connected via a phone call. From that first call, I have been struck by how professional, non-judgmental and kind she is. I have genuinely enjoyed all of the time I’ve spent with her (and it’s been a LOT), and that’s saying a lot considering how much cleaning, organizing and de-junking we’ve done! She’s recommended specific furniture or items that would help but also works with whatever you already have on hand. I’ve had to reschedule a couple of times, and she’s been incredibly flexible (especially as I’ve been able to give her plenty of notice!). The Projects: So far, she’s totally revamped my master bedroom, walk-in closet and bath; sorted through and organized HUNDREDS if not thousands of kids clothing and items, bagged up the ones I’ve given to friends and family and donated the items I don’t have a need for; transformed my kitchen and cabinets into a clutter-free - dare I say calming? - place to cook and prep food; re-energized and organized the kids chaotic playroom into a functional and easy-to-keep-clean space; completely re-shaped and re-purposed closets, cabinets and pantries into more efficient uses; revitalized our dumpy and chaotic garage into a great place for seasonal storage; and - the big one - has MAGICALLY transformed my “secret shame” (the unfinished portion of my basement, aka the place to stack, push back, and totally forget about all the crap we own!) into a totally USABLE storage space. The Recommendation: I’m astonished by the peace of mind she’s restored for me just since I have so much more control over the space I live in. Her motto - love your space - has never worked for me, at least until after her work was complete. I cannot recommend her more highly or enthusiastically. THANK YOU, Cori!
— Denise D. (Braintree, MA)
Cori Bamberg and her company Ditch the Clutter is an amazing resource and service—I would give it 10 stars if I could, and cannot recommend it highly enough. In just a few sessions, Cori has helped me to transform the organization schema of my closet and apartment, something I never thought possible! Cori has an energetic and positive style, and is a true force of nature to work with. She keeps up high energy throughout our entire session and maximizes the space an efficiency of my apartment, while also personalizing this to my own needs and prioritizes, using a very client-centered and creative approach. Living in an extremely tight space in Beacon Hill, this is no easy task, but she has handled it like a pro. I can truly say Ditch the Clutter has made the single biggest difference in my home life and efficiency than any other service or approach I have considered for home and lifestyle improvement—including cleaning services and interior designers. As the other reviewers have pointed out, although it may sound dramatic, working with Cori at Ditch the Clutter is life changing!
— Jenn G. (Boston, MA)

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