5 Ways to Refresh Your House This Spring in Under 2 Hours

With Spring (finally!) here and the cold winter now long gone, every house is looking to feel it. Here are 5 quick ways to give your house a spa-treatment with a “spa-ring” reset:

1.) Remove Winter Gear

Put those heavy boots, scarves and winter gear away with your seasonal items. This will make ample room for lighter coats, umbrellas and rain boots. (15 mins)

2.) Reassess Wardrobe

Spring is fantastic time to reevaluate your wardrobe. Take a look at your fall and winter clothing. Is there a dress in there you tried on 6x and didn’t wear? Boots that just never looked right (with any outfit…no matter what!)? A top that has seen one too many winters? As you go to change over your closet, take this opportunity to remove some of those items that you may not want to see again next season. Your local donation center or charity will be glad you did! (45 min)

3.) Pantry Polish

Take a look through your cabinets. Check the dates on canned food and spices, toss accordingly. While you have your cans out, this is also a great time to give those cabinets a wipe. (30-45 min)

4.) Tax Turnover

With tax season behind us, don’t forget to shift your files (2013 will go in with legacy tax files). Anything beyond 7 years can go into long term storage (if you’ve filed a fraudulent return or did not file) or simply get tossed (if audited, this is as far back as the IRS will typically go). (5 mins)

5.) Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Not just cold medicine, but any makeup, prescriptions, sunscreen or allergy medication should all be reviewed at least once a year. This is a good opportunity to slim down your collection by ridding yourself of any expired bottles. As you toss useful bottles, be sure to capture things that need replacing to get you through this spring/summer (i.e. sunscreen). I’d recommend having a notepad handy to write these down. (15-20 mins)

For more tips on organizing, follow me on Twitter @ditchtheclutter. Happy Springing