Tips for Gift Storage and Wrapping Paper Organization

The countdown is on for that time of year when many of us are collecting gifts to give away to those we love. With this cherished tradition comes the need for extra gift storage and wrapping paper organization. 

If you aren't careful about how and where you store your holiday gifts, they might be discovered by prying eyes. However, the idea of having wrapping paper out and ready to wrap gifts as soon as they are purchased can create clutter and take up too much space. 

Gift Storage and Hiding

Here are 5 ways you can handle gift storage to keep your gifts undiscovered from curious or snooping eyes.

  1. Offsite storage - If your family tends to be especially curious, you may decide to hide unwrapped gifts outside of the home. You can either rent a self storage unit for one month or store gifts at a friend or relative's home.  Another offsite gift storage option would be your office if space allows.
  2. Garage - Most children (or even adults) rarely tend to look in the nooks and crannies of the garage. If you have some plastic tubs or cabinets in your garage, you can use this space to hide gifts while keeping them out of the house. 
  3. Attic - Younger children won't even consider going into attic spaces. This makes the attic an excellent place to store holiday gifts before they've been wrapped.  For older children, you can often hide the gifts in plain site by putting them in the holiday decorations boxes that are now empty.
  4. Hall Closet - Especially when children are still young, the hall closet can be a great place to store smaller gifts. Often, whatever is currently taking up a spare or hall closet can be moved to another location in the home while the gifts are stored there.
  5. Guest Room - Do you have a guest room or home office that has a lock on the door? This would be a great place to store gifts until they can be wrapped and put under the tree.  This might be the best gift storage option for families with older children or snooping spouses since they often discover obvious hiding spots.

And what about that wrapping paper mess? Some people prefer to wrap gifts as they come in while others like to do it all at once. Your preference will determine how you organize a gift wrapping station in your home. 

Mobile or fixed? Do you have space in your home where you can leave wrapping supplies out? This might be a craft room or extra bedroom. Or is it important that you are able to move your wrapping supplies to a different location when it's time to get down to work? No matter which option will work best for you, there are tons of solutions available. Here's just a few ideas to get you started.

Mobile Gift Wrapping Organization Ideas:

  1. Laundry Baskets - Tall laundry baskets make great organization centers for rolls of wrapping paper. If you get the plastic variety with holes in the sides, you can add hooks to hold bags and ribbon.
  2. Craft Carts - Rolling craft carts are perfect for storing bows, tags and ribbons and are easily stored away to reduce clutter.
  3. Shopping Carts and Laundry Bags - Use an granny style shopping cart with a fabric laundry bag inside as a handy mobile wrapping station.

Permanent Gift Wrapping Organization Centers:

If you are fortunate enough to have a place in your home that you can create a permanent gift wrapping center, there are some great options for you.

  1. Door Organizers - Several companies make gift wrapping organizers that fit over doors. These are a handy and inexpensive way to keep wrapping paper organized and space clutter-free.
  2. Towel Racks - Get creative with towel racks and shower hooks for storage that fits your specific needs.
  3. Shower Curtain Rods - If you have a closet with a shelve you'd like to convert to a gift wrapping organization center, you can add a few well-placed shower current rods to hold up wrapping paper and keep ribbons organized. Add a few extra bins for bows and tags and you are all set.

Stay organized with your holiday gifts and wrapping paper so that you can keep your holidays stress free and clutter free!

Need help finding just the right storage solutions for your gifts or wrapping paper? Be sure to give us a call.