Getting Ready to Sell: 8 Tips from a Realtor

With Spring upon us and the Boston real estate market booming, what better time to talk to a realtor to learn what's involved before jumping in? We spoke with Boston realtor, Marcella Sliney to help us understand more of what to expect... when you're expecting to sell your home. Check out all her great tips here!

Q: How do you recommend selecting an agent?
A: Referral is always top on the list! Another idea is to visit local open houses and meet the agents. Also, don't be afraid to ask how many homes they have sold in the area. 
Q: How does a seller know if their getting a fair price for their home? 
A: When a realtor is pricing your home, they are using recent sales com parables from the past six months. This is the technique the bank appraiser will also use. 
Q: How does staging effect a home's listing and selling price? 
A: Staging can give immediate value. Many buyers have a hard time with vision. They can get lost in an empty room and really can't get a good visual on what the room would look like with furniture. 
Q: When is best to start staging or hire a stager? 
A: Once your decide you are going to list your home for sale, hire the stager.
Q: DIY seller stager tips - what are 3 things to know - dos/don'ts? 
A: Always hire a professional painter, photographer and house cleaner.
Q: How quickly can I expect a home to sell? 
A: In the spring market, 30 days. 
Q: How soon after a home is sold is the seller usually expected to move out?
A: 45-60 days.
Q: Taking your staging over the top, do you have any open house tips for day of?
A: Less is always better! Remove most personal photographs. Many buyers can get fixated on looking at the photos and not the home! 

You can find more information about Marcella on her website at  Happy selling!

P.S. Daylight savings is this weekend (2AM Sunday, overnight). Here is a helpful list of all those places where timers and clocks may need to be updated.