9 Tips for Organizing Your Closet

If you find yourself looking for an outfit in your closet, but feeling overwhelmed (or just it’s plain not fun anymore!), then it may be time to review and declutter your closet. Here are a 9 tips to get you there!

  1. Group together, then decide: Place like with like - it helps to see everything together so you can truly see what you have. By seeing groups of clothing together, you are best able to decide which ones in select groups are useful and which are not. For example, seeing all your black sweaters together, you might realize there are some in there that are no longer suit your needs.

  2. Identify clothes that don’t fit: If you keep tugging your pants or shirt, then those items probably don’t fit anymore - it’s time to let it go. You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable in your own clothing.

  3. Identify clothes that you don’t or won’t wear: We all have those pieces that we like to try on, but never end up wearing.. There are also pieces that you haven’t worn in their last season. They may look nice, but there is no reason to keep something that you are no longer wearing.

  4. Identify clothes that are torn or worn out: Seeing a tear in one of your favorite outfits is never fun. Unless you have great sewing skills or know someone who does, it is time to remove  those clothes. Also, if you notice that your clothing has lost its shape or is showing signs of aging, then it is time to donate them. Focus your attention on the clothes that have been untouched in your closet but fit well.

  5. Identify clothes that only serve as a memory or to be passed down: Now this is where things can get a bit tricky. What do you do with the outfits that you bought for your wedding or your baby’s first hat? We would recommend keeping the clothes that have sentimental value like your wedding dress or an outfit that has been passed down in your family. However, they should be placed in an area of the closet or home that is not highly accessed.

  6. Donate, donate, donate: Check your local area for drop-off points and donation pick ups. Most clothing can be donated, for cloth pieces that are damaged - contact your local shelter. A lot of these will accept cloth as bedding for the animals they take in.

  7. Organize into sections: After you have decluttered everything, it is time to arrange your closet. Where everything goes depends on you, but it's best to create a system that allows you to find your clothes faster. An example of this is grouping your work clothes together, vs. your casual clothes. Within these categories, we would recommend then grouping by length and color. 

  8. Be strategic with placement: It’s important to place those items where you wear them. For example, outerwear belongs near the door, those items you wear often made most accessible and special occasion items (dresses, costumes, off season/holiday wear) can be tucked further back.

  9. Assess and replace: Review your current hangers, hooks, bins, boxes that support your closet and dresser. Place categories in containers that make sense in they way they are sorted now. Feel like you need different solutions to support those remaining categories? Measure, count and then, order. Remember - simply having matching hangers can make a HUGE different in the look and feel of your closet.

Okay everyone - signing off, case “clothes”d. :)