Clutter-Free Christmas Gifts

Christmas time can be a nightmare for families who are trying to cut down on clutter. Along with tons of decorations, Christmas also brings many gifts into your home. Unfortunately, you’ll likely receive many gifts you won’t use or that add to the clutter in your home. If you and your family are trying to reduce the amount of clutter in your house but still need to give gifts this year, check out our suggestions for clutter-free gifts.

Family Vacation

Instead of having to find a gift for each person in your family, how about treating everyone to a vacation at Christmas? We’ve heard of one tradition a family started where the family decided they had too much stuff. Instead of giving gifts, they pack up their bags each year, go to a new place, and only exchange the gift of a book. Each person receives one book and they spend Christmas Eve reading around the tree.

Treat a Dinner Out

If you have foodie in the family, get them a gift card to their favorite restaurant or the new hotspot in town. The amount you should put on the gift card will depend on how expensive the restaurant is or how many people you think the recipient will want to take with him/her. You should also consider if your loved one will want just dinner or cocktails, an appetizer, entree, and dessert.

Learn a New Skill

Has one of your loved ones talked about wanting to learn a new skill like pottery or cooking? Give them the gift of a new skill through classes! These days, most studios that teach skills also allow you to give gift cards or a set of courses so you can easily gift them to a friend or family member. You can go through an independent studio in your area or go through a larger organization like SkillPop.


Does anyone in your family love puzzles? Give them a gift certificate for an escape room! Escape rooms are a fun way to test your problem-solving skills. Some even have scary elements like zombie actors that make the challenge extra thrilling.


If you have a family member who loves getting a massage regularly, give them the gift of pampering. Most massage studios offer gift certificates for you to give as gifts. A pampering gift doesn’t need to be relegated to a service your loved one only gets every once in a while. You could also get gift cards for your daughter or wife’s regular nail or hair salon.

The Gift of Organization

Have you been saying you’ll organize the house for ages but haven’t gotten around to doing it? Give your family the gift of organization this year by hiring an organization specialist. Home organization services are incredibly personalized so you can gift by room or by number of hours.

Everyday Tasks

There are some pretty mundane things we need to do in our daily lives like washing the car or getting oil changes. We don’t like shelling out cash for these things, but we know we need to. Turn these “problems” into gift opportunities for gift cards for vehicle-related maintenance or other tasks. Your loved one will feel better not needing to pay for a few oil changes, and it won’t add clutter to your home.

Savings or Investment Accounts

Opening a savings or investment account is a gift that will give much further in the future. They’re the perfect gift to start with your children at a young age. Instead of giving only toys, give them a small note that says you contributed money to their account. While they might not appreciate it now, they will when they can use that money to buy a car or pay for college.

All the Gifts with None of the Clutter

In a consumption-heavy society, it’s sometimes difficult to think of gifts that will be really valuable to our family without adding more stuff to our homes. We think giving the gift of experiences along with a personal note is the perfect way to show you love someone. To set up a home organization gift for your family, get in touch with Ditch the Clutter today.