5 Things to let go of this Evacuation Day

If you've lived in Boston long, you are familiar with Evacuation Day. This unique Bostonian holiday remembers the first major American military victory in the American Revolutionary War. On March 17, 1776, the British troops left or "evacuated" Boston after a battle with the Americans.  

With the history in mind, what type of “evacuation” could you do in your life?  Maybe it could be “evacuating” negative things from your life like people or even foods.  One major thing to eliminate for the season is clutter.  

We all know spring is around the corner and spring cleaning is fast approaching.  Here are 5 tips to “spring cleaning” different things in your life for the year 2017.

  1. Eliminate unhealthy relationships – We all have heard the phrase “New Year New Me”, but is that true?  Have you found yourself trying to better yourself but the people around you try to steer you in a different direction?  You may not notice it right away, but take a moment to think about who is in your life and the role they play with supporting you. Always try to surround yourself with people that encourage and support you.
  2. Eliminating clutter – Whether you need to clean an office space, your closet, or maybe even your whole house, I clean area makes things so much easier.  Have you ever come in a cluttered area and just get overwhelmed?  That feeling is the worst, but there’s only one way to solve it…..clear the clutter!  Purging can be a great stress reliever and just relaxing time to yourself.  Being in an area that is light on things can help you think clearer and get things done faster.  Now you may think that purging a large space can also be overwhelming, but just remember to go one step at a time and take breaks as needed.
  3. Eliminate your fears – This topic is the biggest of them all. Excuses can hinder you from doing things that you want/love to do and a lot of the time, this can be due to fear. Fear is the number one thing that can stop you from doing what you want to do. Will you continue to allow fear to hinder you from your dreams and aspirations?
  4. Eliminate the need to stay the same – Allow change into your life. It takes strength to accept change as it awakens the fear inside. Have you ever felt like you do the same thing over and over again and nothing seems to change?  It is time for a little change in your life and FAST! If you have the same daily routine, try switching things up. For instance, if you wake up and from then you are busy all day every day, find some time for yourself to just relax and look at the difference it makes. Start by allowing yourself to change, by eliminating some, or all, of these negative elements and opening yourself up to true happiness.
  5. Eliminate the worries of the past – This last one may simply be the easiest, “Don’t Sweat the Past”.  As easy as it may seem, things of the past constantly haunt people. This is bad because holding on the things of the past can and more than likely will affect your future.  Never allow your past to consume you and hinder you from your goals and aspirations in life. 

Whether you are evacuating the negative relationships, clutter, or fears; celebrate Evacuation Day this year with something worth getting out of your life.  By applying these tips, you can live a happier life full of motivation, encouragement, and most importantly…. happiness!