National Splurge Day - Splurge Without the Clutter

June 18th might seem like just an ordinary day, but to many, it is National Splurge Day. Many a person whips out her wallet to splurge at her favorite retail outlet, only to realize days later that she didn’t need the several new pairs of shoes she used National Splurge Day to justify buying.

Too often, this holiday is synonymous with spending exorbitant amounts of money on items people don’t need that end up cluttered in the back of the closet.

If you are looking to participate in Splurge Day but don’t want to add more clutter to your home with unnecessary clothing, kitchen items, or collectibles, try some of these tips that will allow you to have your cake and eat it too.

Relish Experiences

Spending on experiences is becoming far more popular not only on Splurge Day but in general. We gain more happiness out of experiences than objects, so, on National Splurge Day, choose an experience that you’ve been itching to do for a while.

1.  Spa Treatments. If you love getting a manicure but can’t justify the cost on a regular basis, treat yourself to a mani-pedi. If you have a lot of tension from the daily grind of work and home life, set aside a spa day for yourself and pay for it on Splurge Day. Heck, you can even go to the spa all day on Splurge Day. You do you.

2.  Winery Tour. Going on a winery or brewery tour is another great experience splurge. Spend a couple of hours indulging in learning about the brewing process and, of course, tasting the establishment’s wares.

3.  Mini-Cations. Turning the weekend into a mini-cation is another way to spend Splurge Day. Jump in the car and drive to a cool town or city nearby and spend the weekend walking around to explore the city. You won’t be disappointed.

Consumable Splurges

Splurging on consumables will appeal to many a food lover out there.

4.  Level-Up Your Staples. When it comes to food, even treating yourself to the next level up of something you regularly buy (buy the Lindt instead of Hershey) can be a splurge to your brain.

5.  Cheat Day. To all the dieters out there, Splurge Day is the day to have a fantastic cheat meal. Get the large frap from your local coffee shop instead of your regular black coffee. Buy a tasty pastry from the bakery you run by every morning. Indulge in a burger with all the trimmings.

6.  Fancy Dinner Out. Finally, splurge on a nice dinner out at that one place you can’t justify going to on a regular basis. Treat you and your partner to a date night where you order a 3-course meal and share a bottle of wine. Those kinds of evenings are definitely worth the splurge.

Treat Others

You know that tingly feeling we get when we help others? We get that same feeling when we give others a nice gift or experience. This National Splurge Day, instead of focusing on something for yourself, try finding something to give a loved one.

7.  Family Time Splurge. Even better than finding a gift for each person in your family is to try an activity everyone will love. Have a dinner and movie date with the whole family, treating your partner to his/her favorite restaurant and treating the kids to their favorite dessert and movie of their choice.

8.  Make a Donation. Another way to spend your National Splurge Day is to donate to your favorite charity. Sending a check or dropping off needed supplies will be sure to make you feel like your day was well-spent.

Spend-Free Splurges

National Splurge Day is a great excuse to do the things you love that you don’t normally get to do whether due to time constraints or too many things to do around the house. See Splurge Day as an opportunity to put off your responsibilities, if only for a few hours.

9.  Extra You-Time. Go for that extra-long run or take your dog for an extra walk because you love spending time with him.

10.  Lazy Morning. Spend a lazy morning in bed or make a luxurious breakfast.

Invest in Yourself

While you shouldn’t wait until National Splurge Day specifically to invest in yourself, it’s a good day to finally act on any plans that you’ve had to invest in yourself. Investing in yourself can come in many forms.

11.  Invest in Your Physical Well-Being. Maybe you’ve been thinking about hiring a personal trainer or buying a subscription for a fitness studio to get in shape. You can even buy a new gym outfit to get excited for your new journey into fitness.

12.  Invest in Your Mental Well-Being. Pursuing further education like online courses are a worthwhile investment in yourself. Sharpening the sword definitely shouldn’t wait for one day each year, but if you’ve been eyeing a course to teach yourself a new skill, today is your day to go for it!

13.  Hire a Personal Organizer. If you’ve been telling yourself for months you need to de-clutter and organize your home but haven’t found the time or willpower, Splurge Day is the day to hire a personal organizer to complete the task for you. At the end of the day, you’ll have an organized home and feel it was money well-spent.

Splurge to Splurge

Let me explain.

If you have a large purchase down the road, whether it’s for something you need or something you want, use Splurge Day to put aside a large chunk of cash for that purchase down the road.

14.  Money for a Major Purchase. If you know you will need a new car or home over the next two years or so, setting aside money for a down payment NOW will serve you well in the future. Or maybe you’re looking at investing in a new mid-ticket item, like a bicycle.

15.  Money for Your Next Vacation. Putting money aside for a future vacation will give you more flexibility when choosing your destination, where you can stay, activities you can do, and what class you can fly on the way there. Just remember when you get to the point where you book your trip that you put the money there to have a great vacation experience.  

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about how to splurge on National Splurge Day without adding new clutter to your home. If it’s inspired you to think of Splurge Day differently, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment box below!