9 Planners to Help You Get Organized in 2018

How many of you are already struggling to keep your New Year’s resolutions?

If it helps you feel better, I am.

There are many reasons most of us don’t stick to our resolutions each year - they’re really not that important to use; life is really busy; you don’t know how to keep yourself accountable.

If you find yourself letting 2018’s resolutions fall by the wayside because of a lack of planning or accountability, check out these planners to help you stay organized. Sometimes all you need is a written goal to help you stay accountable.

The Passion Planner

The Passion Planner is a godsend for those of us who not only want to see this year’s goals but also get a feeling for how those goals fit into our lifetime goals. When you first open your Passion Planner, it guides you through several questions to help you figure out what’s most important in your life and understand what your 3-month, 1-year, 3-year, and lifetime goals are. From there, you break down your goals into bite-sized chunks, making them easier to achieve. If you’re curious to check this planner out, they do offer free downloads of the goal setting walkthrough on their website.

Cultivate What Matters Planner

were designed to help women manage their daily tasks while keeping track of their personal and professional goals. Similarly to the Passion Planner, the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets walk you through goal setting for short and Cultivate What Matters Powersheetslong term goals. It also has monthly and weekly views so you can get a firm grasp of what tasks you need to do to complete your goals. The planner is beautifully designed and is full of colorful pages beckoning you to open them up each day.

The Happiness Planner

The Happiness Planner is a journal and planner combined into one. The inside is fairly minimalist - just gray text and outlines - which means there’s more flexibility in adding your own decorations, doodles, and coloring. It also keeps you focused on the words on the page rather than design elements. Each daily page includes sections for you to write down what you’re excited about, your main focus, and what’s you’re grateful for.

Day Designer

The Day Designer is more of a traditional planner. It has a light framework, making it ideal for individuals who know how to prioritize and set goals. Depending on the version you choose, each day or each week includes a section to add your top three priorities for the week. Most versions also come with a goal-setting worksheet which you can then use to break your goals up. The Day Designer has also collaborated with Target if you want something similar.

Daily Greatness

The daily journal from the Daily Greatness helps you deliberately plan your days. Each day’s spread prompts you to give a daily object, top three priorities, reminders, schedule, and many other conscious prompts. The idea is to always have this on hand so you can plan your day, follow it along hour by hour, and reflect in the evening. You can even get Daily Greatness planners for your business, health, or parenting.

Ink & Volt Signature Planner

the coming week. From that scratch work, you pull out your weekly goals and reflect and celebrate be more productive is another no-fuss planner to keep your goals on track. Each week, the planner prompts you to think of ways you can Ink & Volt Signature Planneron the things you achieved last week. Each day is split into morning, noon, and night rather than blocked times. This makes it a bit more fluid and adaptable for your needs.

Erin Condren Daily Planner

Something I love about the Erin Condren Daily Planner is that you can customize it however you want right when you order it. Select your favorite cover, coil color, and paper layout when you order then get to planning your life. With tons of layouts to choose from, it’s easy to find a planner style that works best for you and your task management style.

Bullet Journal

You’ve likely heard of the Bullet Journal, an “analog journal for the digital age.” While you can purchase the branded Bullet Journal, all you really need to get started is a gridded journal and a pen. This system is incredibly flexible and is perfect for keeping track of your daily tasks. However, you can also adapt it to keep track of your progress towards certain goals. It’s a fantastic system for those of you who feel like you have the basics of goal setting down.

Evernote Moleskine

Moleskine and Evernote lovers rejoice because the two have come together to form the Evernote Smart Moleskine Notebook. For those of you wanting to integrate your goal and task management with a cloud-based system, this is your solution. Write whatever you want on the pages and take a picture with your smartphone. The picture automatically integrates into your Evernote system, making it easy to access if you leave your notebook at home.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of other planners that we didn’t cover in this article. What’s important to consider when choosing a planner is how you’ll use it, how much guidance you want in goal setting, and how many bells and whistles you want it to have. Luckily, the majority of the websites selling these planners have tons of images of the planners and free downloadable sources so you can get a feel for the physical planners.

If you’re looking to be productive and follow through on all your resolutions, learn more about how productivity training can help.