What Clothing and Home Charities Need Most This Time of Year

Charities are thankful for anything you give to them that they can use. They are there to provide to those in need. But when the snow falls and the temperature drops, even charities will have preferences on what comes down to the donation box.

How can you not expect skeptical looks when you give away flip-flops in the middle of December? Here are some more realistic things charities will seek as winter nears.


Coats are a basic necessity for winter especially when the winds fall in with the frozen ground. They break through the cold breeze that brushes past us. Thermal coats are even better since they provide internal warmth, keeping your chest heated. If you look carefully, you’ll find that donations centers can never get enough of coats. They are very helpful and in some cases even lifesavers.

Many charities hold drives to collect coats for those who need them. Old coats that are too small or extra coats you never got around to wearing can be given away to these foundations. Some will take money instead so that they can buy the coats themselves.

Winter clothing

There are some charities that will take any kind of thick clothing for children. Others will take adult sizes as well. Jeans, jackets, gloves, hats, and boots to cover up the homeless or the less fortunate are in demand at this time of the year.

Other pieces of clothing are generously accepted as in winter, it is a good idea to cover up and pile on the layers. This doesn’t mean thin flimsy clothing. Think of woollen sweaters and heavy jeans. And shirts made out of tweed, moleskin or fleece are all better options for giving as they are thick and comfortable.  

Scarves and gloves are very helpful. They are highly appreciated, but must be in an acceptable condition.  Such accessories need to offer some kind of protection from the winter weather. Holed and ripped clothes will not be used in the end are shredded instead of used by the foundation you donated them to.


Blankets are also something in high demand when the cold season arrives. Piling on the soft fluffy layers at night is a pleasure to us, but to some, it's a gift. It’s hard to even begin to comprehend the benefits blankets can give to someone. You may take it for granted, but a blanket is definitely on the list for things to give.


As December nears, the idea of children waking on Christmas Day to nothing under the pine tree is painful. Some charities are willing and constructed solely to distribute donated presents to children. The toys, of course, must be in a usable condition.

They should ideally be new toys that never got opened or stuffed animals that can never lose their love. Some charities have specifications that need to be followed. They may ask for no separate parts or only new toys. Just think of the heart you put into giving a Christmas gift to kids in need.


If you have nothing physical or in good condition to clear out and donate, then there is always the option of simply giving money to foundations. The charity will then decide how to distribute the money and what to purchase. Some foundations may dedicate their services to providing hot meals; others may buy gifts and home necessities for families. Some will keep to giving only clothes; while others will try to establish a steady balance between everything needed in life.

Do a little research and find a donation center near that you can support. Here are a few nationwide charities that would be more than happy to take winter clothing and more.

· American Red Cross

All of the clothing donated to the Red Cross goes directly to families and individuals who lives are affected by natural disasters.  They take clothes for men, women, and children as well as toys.

· Big Brother Big Sister Foundation

This foundation takes all clothing in good condition and sells them off to make a profit for their work. They contribute by pairing children in bad states with mentors to help them through struggles.

· Savers

They tend to fund small drives that will collect clothing and then take their gatherings, giving them to those in need. They take clothing directly as well at their drop boxes.

· Goodwill

Goodwill takes clothes and gives them to the poor and those who can’t afford the leisure of a full closet. They have national drop-offs and resale shops where the profit goes to aid families.

There are many more that you can look into, these are only a few. So go out and give away what you know you won’t use. Be generous, and take care of others when you can.  Ditch the clutter and give.