4 Ways to Treat Mom This Mother's Day

We all know how much Mom does for us: from changing diapers to kissing boo-boos to making us a balanced meal. We also remember all of the times that we gave her a hard time like refusing to eat our vegetables and hiding those report cards. This Mother’s Day (May 8th), it is time to show her our thanks and how much she means to us!

  1. A Destination Just for Mom

    There are bound to be some places that Mom has wanted to go to, but hasn't yet. You now have the opportunity to get her there! First, think of her top three destinations, figure out what works within your budget, find out the best times to go, schedule and GO! Can’t be there in person? A call goes a long way to planning your next adventure together.

  2. Relaxation for Mom

    Moms work really hard to make sure our lives are awesome, so today is the day for rest. Let Mom sleep in. Be sure she has some extra pillows, leave some breakfast or her favorite snacks by the bed, and inform everyone that she is sleeping in, and let her dream away. Can’t be there? Send her a gift card to a local spa or salon for Mom to get in some relaxation.

  3. Pamper Mom Like a Queen

    The cardinal rule of Mother’s Day is that "Mom shouldn't lift a finger". Today is her day to relax. Are there dirty dishes in the sink? Does the house need to be vacuumed? Does the laundry need to be done? Is the floor in need of mopping? Don’t worry Mom, the family’s got it covered. Can’t be there in person? Send her out of the house and send in a maid for the day.


  4. Organizing for Mom's Space

    We can help you bring order and balance to mom’s most loved spaces. At Ditch the Clutter, we offer services that cater to your needs. Right now, we have gift certificates for Mother’s Day. We are here to create a peaceful and balanced space in your Mom's kitchen, pantry, office, car (anywhere she works or plays) that she will enjoy being in everyday. 

For more information about our gift cards and services, please go to our site at ditchtheclutter.com/gift-certificates and fill out our form or call us at 617-398-0741 and we will be happy to take care of everything.

Wishing you and all the Moms out there a wonderful Mother’s Day ahead!