How to Cure Post Holiday Decorating Syndrome

Are you starting to think about turning your holiday tree into a Valentine's Day tree? Maybe you want to add some pretty hearts to that green garland to make it February Festive!

Don't worry if you've procrastinated putting away all those wonderful holiday decorations. It's often a little sad to think about the transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving to the holidays of December.  This is what we affectionately call PHDS, Post Holiday Decorating Syndrome. PHDS often occurs in January when we are facing taking all the decorations down with nothing to replace them with. It's the sadness of getting back to basics with our home decor. So how do you avoid the temptation to keep the tree up year round and just change out the decorations? Here's some tips.

1. Focus on minimalism - Holiday decor often means more "stuff" out and about. Once everything is put away, focus on the feelings of having a clean, clutter-free home.

2. Remember why - Think about each decorative piece you have in your home and remember why it is there. This is a great time to focus on what is truly loved and what can be donated. Each piece should serve you.

3.  Pass it on - Whether it's holiday decorations you no longer love or gifts you would rather not have received, there's someone out there that will love the items you no longer treasure. Make a donation box and really feel good about the fact that you are passing your "things" on to someone who will treasure them.

4. Give Back Box - If you still have extra Amazon, Overstock, Uncommon Goods or several other online retail boxes left over from holiday shopping, consider packing them with all those donation goodies. Then print a label from and have them shipped right to your local Goodwill store, free of charge! Check out the website for details and participating retailers.

5. Throw a party! - So many friends and family are busy in the month of December with other parties and get-togethers. Late winter is a great time to throw a party -since a lot of us will have to be indoors anyway! Your clean, decluttered space will give you cheer as you enjoy the company of more guests than you would have in the busy holiday season.

6. Staycation - You were crazy busy during the holidays and, even if you did travel, probably didn't get to relax much. Schedule a weekend where you can focus on some serious downtime in your own home. No cleaning, no work, just enjoying your family and your favorite activities in your comfortable surroundings.

Post Holiday Decorating Syndrome can be a thing of the past when you focus on the joys surrounding the process rather than the sadness. It's a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. Your home is no different. Enjoy your space and you will have a fresh new take on your "undecorated" home.

Now, how about those in your space? Let's show them a little love. In time for Valentine's Day, here's our take on some ways to show you care!