Hostess Gifts That Won’t Add Clutter

There are so many things to think about when the holidays come around. All the gatherings that are going to occur, the preparations that must be done beforehand and the gifts that you have to buy for everyone, and the thoughtful hostess gifts that won’t add to their clutter.

Gifts. That is a tricky subject to conquer. You always want to give a meaningful gift that is worthy of the person you’re giving it to that has personality, individuality, and purpose. A one-time surprise candle or decoration piece is considerate. However, eventually, they’ll be sitting around collecting dust and making a nuisance of themselves. Better to handle your own decorations than to have people make a collection out of your house.

So especially when it comes to handling a hostess of the party, the question arises, “What is the perfect gift to give a busy woman managing a holiday event?” The gift should be as practical and reasonable as your hostess. That is why here is a list of the useful holiday presents. This will help you choose the perfect gift for your hostess.

1. Food

As simple as it seems to be, it is perfect for them, contributing to the party, providing more food for everyone to enjoy. If you promise to bring food along with you when you arrive, it can take a weight off of your hostess. Knowing that someone else can handle dessert, gives them time to relax or work on something else. A small act of kindness that can go a long way.

Elegant platters, salads, cheese logs, and bruschetta are all great ideas of food contributions to a Christmas party. Check out some awesome ideas that you can gift your hostess here.

2. Plants

Potted plants are another nice gift to give, so long as you are offering them to someone you know will take care of them happily. Plants require daily maintenance so they won’t wilt away in a corner collecting dust. Plants are always a nice vibrant touch to a house or home, with a refreshing feeling to them that makes a whole area a lot brighter.

Fake plants can be given, but once again there is the dusting and space consumption issue. To get started on plants as the perfect gift, take a look at these creative ideas.

3. Containers or Vases

This is not an out-of-the-ordinary gift. A vase can be given to your hostess or a decorated box. Anything that can hold something for your hostess is a good idea because it can come into use.

Vases can hold the flowers they may receive as a gift. Boxes can hold jewelry, needles and thread, a change-collector and more. So long as something needs to find a place, you can give them a nicely decorated and decent container to hold it in. To get some inspiration for finding the right gift for your hostess, take a look at these interesting options.

4. Sewing kit for the sewer

This is for the mom who loves to sew and create art in fabric. It is a useful gift as it provides them with new threads, a machine to help them get their work done, and it thrives with their hobby. It won’t sit alone on a table collecting dirt, being forgotten because it is something worth putting into use.

And while it may not essentially add anything to the party itself, you are sure to make your hostess very happy with these great sewing kit gift ideas.

5. Cutlery

Fancy cutlery sets are the perfect gift for a hostess as they will definitely come into play. Since they tend to host grand parties with many people, this would be an ideal gift idea. What would be great for them is to have a matching dinner set that they can pull out for the long night ahead. You yourself will even see it come into use the next time you come over.

Just as well, dish and tea sets can also find themselves frequently used. They are, if not daily, then routinely brought out to have a fancy dinner with friends or a collective coffee at someone’s house. Cutlery is great for giving because it is something submerged into our daily life.

6. Cheeseboard

Wine and cheese is the perfect pairing for any party. Apart from being an obvious favorite, it brings finesse and lots of flavor to the gathering and wins accolades for the hostess. So why not gift her the perfect gift with a stylish and useful cheeseboard? You can choose from the most basic to the most stylish. And cheeseboards are available in a variety of materials as well. You can go for slate, agate, marble, or just plain wood. The possibilities are many and you are sure to find one that will fit your budget.

If you’re not sure which way to go then take a look at these versatile gift ideas.

So buying a gift isn’t as hard as you make it out to be. Anything with a purpose can be given as a gift. And if your gift complements your hostess’s personality, then you’ve nailed it. It will definitely make them happy, and is guaranteed to not sit idle. Happy holidays to you and a great party with your skillfully chosen gift for the host!