Goal Reflection and Renewal

The New Year, one of the best holidays with mixed feelings of joy, anxiety and the anticipation of the upcoming year. New Years is supposed to be the page turner in your life, watching as one year comes to an end and a new one begins. It offers new opportunity, and another 365 more days to get something done. The only question is, how are you going to finally get all of those things done?

There are so many tips and tricks to getting things done, and everyone keeps coming up with new ways too. Rubber band around the wrist, sticky notes on the fridge or your desktop, alarms for each activity, but they can’t save you in every situation. The best kick-starter for any new habit or hobby is preparation.

Nothing ever gets done if you simply jump into it. Sure, it may last the first two rounds, but then you’ll simply blend back into your old habits, never finishing that resolution. That can all change once you rethink your surroundings and prepare not only yourself but your home for the change that is coming your way.

To make this easier to understand, let’s look at some real-life resolutions that can be done. You simply start off by organizing and preparing for them beforehand.

1.      Losing Weight

Everyone has experienced that stage in their life where they suddenly thrive for a healthier body. Some people resort to diets, while others find that hitting the gym is more up their alley. Any way that you choose to go, there is always preparation involved for such a big step.

·        * Firstly, it’s time to declutter your kitchen. All of those sugary snacks and binge-watching junk foods have to go, so you start with the cupboards and pantries. Clear them out so that nothing tempts you to sit down and slack back to your old ways.  Once you have cleared the junk food, it’s time to open up your kitchen to healthier alternatives. Fruits should be in plain sight for easier access. Snacks such as yogurt, nuts, and veggies are the best options for snacks both to-go and at home.

·         *  Next would be your workout space. Even if you are going to a gym to help yourself get fit, you need to keep up at home as well for the times you don’t go and to create a habit.  Create an open space in your home where you can easily work out with everything you need. This could be in your room, basement or even living room.  Anywhere you find most fit, clear up space, clean anything small or delicate so nothing breaks. Also, make way for a carpet that will stay under your feet.  Add a table for your water, snacks, and equipment and you’re all set.

2.      Ditching Bad Habits

A New Year’s Resolution is great because it can help you identify the things that are your biggest flaws. As you reflect on the previous year, somethings you may wish to change are the nasty habits you have slowly developed into big problems. The first step to doing this is by creating an environment where your habits can’t fit in. This can be for reformation.

Some Common Bad Habits and Steps to Prevent Them:

*   Sweeping the dirt under the carpet?   When sweeping the floor, keep the sofa, chairs, and tables on top of the carpet edges to stop yourself.

·         *  Leaving dirty dishes on the counter?   Do the dishes as soon as you eat, or keep your dishes in a glass cabinet to remind yourself where they go. It’s reorganizing things like these that can help you make a change.

·          * Biting your nails?  Start putting mirrors around you to remind yourself what you are doing in both your workspace and at home.

·          * Watching too much TV? Resolve to get up and go for a walk when the urge sets in. The idea is to organize your time in the best way so that there is no time for bad habits to fit in.  

 3.      Getting More Done

Did you feel as though you didn’t do enough this year, and you want to do more in the next? Then it is time to clear up all of your space around you.

Organizing your work area is the best way to get started on projects you need to get to. Most of the time, what stops us from doing anything is the mess we swim in. All of the papers, plans, and books that we leave out on our desks, tables, and rooms make the area unapproachable.

·         * Clean up your work area.   It is essential to clear away all of the things you don’t need, taking up space and basically proving a nuisance. These things either go in the garbage or somewhere where they aren't in your face.

·         * Place everything in clear site.  Papers and important documents should be neat and organized so that they are easy to navigate through. Having a more approachable desk is the basic step to take to ensure that you dedicate to your projects.

·        * Keep surfaces clear.  Otherwise, the habit of throwing things anywhere there is space is going to kick in.

·         Once you have made sure that your space is empty and clean, place all of your plans in plain sight. Your materials and tools should be so that you can get right to work whenever you feel like it.

4.   Focusing on self-care

Losing weight will only get you so far. Along with the physical, you also need to pay attention to your mental well-being. Learn to work at a pace that doesn’t stress you out.

For instance, you don’t need to be multi-tasking all the time to increase productivity. Your brain actually works better when you focus on one job at a time.

So set aside say, 20 minutes every day to pay attention to one single task.  This will mean turning off your email, Wi-Fi and perhaps even putting your phone away for a bit. The problem with spending too much time on social media is falling into the habit of comparing your life to others’ picture perfect moments.  Instead, reclaim your life by getting rid of distractions and focusing on what’s important for you.

Then set aside 30 minutes a week for some “me-time”.  Use this time wisely to meditate, walk in nature, journal or simply just breathe. With most of your life running on autopilot, it’s nice to have a breather and break out of the normal flow.

When you make any plan, resolution or verdict, always organize yourself and the area around you to make it perfect for yourself.

Changing habits takes planning and repetition, experts say anywhere from 20-30 days of consistent change.  Also, getting your brain used to doing many little things, differently, can acclimate it to the larger changes as well.  Motivating yourself to do something takes a big push, and yet the tasks like cleaning, clearing your space and organizing your schedule are all great ways to make that first step to running your marathon goal into the finish line. You can show yourself that you are capable of making the steps to change, and putting together the right kinds of motivation.

Once you have the ambition, don’t let yourself stop, keep the plan going, and the reward and benefits of your achievement clearly in mind.  

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