How to Organize Your Garage

The garage often becomes the primary storage for all bulk. The most likely case is that you have all of your holiday cheer, seasonal changes, and yearly utensils stashed inside of your garage.

This is also a place to work and prop your larger tools out of children’s reach and away from the family area. As the years come and go, the items in this space surely undergo a lot of transformation. They probably get moved to and fro until the order of the premises no longer makes any sense. Therefore, before you jump into the mess to find what you need for the new season, it’s time to reorganize the garage into a friendlier, open space.

Step 1: Invest In Extra Storage Space

It always pays off to have shelves and drawers inside of your garage. The more storage space you have at your disposal, the less likely you are to simply toss things on the floor. You’ll also find specific spots for all of your belongings with which you can create the habit of replacing your items properly.

Here are some great storage ideas you can implement into your garage:


Getting a workbench is a great idea since it can be used as a workplace for all your tinkering projects as well as storage for all your tools. This ensures that you’ll never be too far away from the tools you need when you need to work with them. It also clears up the need for separate drawers and compartments when organizing your tools.

You can both make or buy your own workbench, whichever seems right for you. The best thing about making one from scratch is that you can build something to your liking that’s customizable.


Shelves with separate compartments are the best when you need to organize your bins and boxes. These shelves can also help declutter the floor and make for open space in the center of your garage. Placing your shelves along the walls of the garage not only leaves open space in the center but allows you to navigate through your garage easier.

Of course, if you’re not up to investing in more storage, you can always make new storage areas in your garage by yourself.

Things such as shelves and cabinets, boxes and racks can all be made by a craftsman’s hand.

Step 2: Let Nothing Touch the Floor

For the cleanest and most organized garage, don’t let any clutter pile up on your floor. This is only going to lead to a mess you won’t be willing to fix. There are multiple ideas you can apply to your garage.

Overhead Ceiling Tracks

You can make tracks on your ceiling to place your bins inside of. This requires some extra work on your behalf since you need to measure the width and length of the bins, plus you need to know how low you want the bins to hang.

Once it’s done though, you’ll have enough storage space. With all the additional bins you can have overhead, the plus-side is that there is nothing on the floor.

Racks on the Wall

This is one of the easier projects. Simply place racks and shelves along the wall so you have more counter space to place all of your items. Doing this for yourself allows you the convenience of everything being within arm’s reach.

You can even get creative and make your shelves in areas that would otherwise prove useless. Turn a corner into a two-way shelf so you have more space to place all your small cans and boxes, tools and more.


Applying hangers to the wall is a great idea, especially since you’ll find most of the items taken out are often long. Things like rakes and mops, shovels, ropes, hoes, gardening tools and more have handles. All of these handles can be hung over something if they have holes on their handles. If not, then you can either make one or find another way to hang them, anything to keep them off of the floor.

Hanging Toy Container

These kinds of containers can be made at home with some tools, or you can purchase them from hardware and toy stores.

The best thing about these hanging compartments is that the floor beneath stays clear. And you have a designated area in the garage for your kids to place their toys. It’s hassle free and leaves more space for other items.


Pegboards are the best for leaving everything out in the open. Day to day necessities such as tape, scissors, and tools can all remain out in the open without taking up too much space. Investing in or creating a pegboard is a great idea if you go into your garage to work often. Rather than having to scour through your drawers, everything is conveniently located on the wall.

Step 3: Designate Your Areas

There’s no better way to organize than to give everything a place to go. Say, for example, you have holiday decorations that you wish to put away. These can go in the overhead storage since they only come out once a year. When you need them they aren’t too far away but for the rest of the year, they remain out of the way.

Racks or a cubby can be used exclusively for shoes and bins. You can also label the racks and cubbies based on who uses them.

You can have shelves dedicated to specific items. Here’s a list of some things you may want to give their own shelf.

  • Car Management Utensils

  • Woodwork Utensils

  • Safety Wear (goggles, gloves)

  • Generic Utensils (pencils, scissors, rulers)

  • Gardening Utensils

  • Cleaning Supplies

  • Construction Utensils (screwdrivers, plyers, wrench, hammers)

  • Toys

 There are more based on what is exactly in your garage, these are only a few items hard to miss.

All your garage needs is a little bit of time and eventually, you can get the perfectly organized garage you want and need. This season, don’t settle for a mess, settle for the perfectly organized garage you deserve to have.