Organizing Your Memories

For most people, the best memories are captured as photos, cards, and letters. And let’s not forget children’s precious artwork. But now all this and much more can be stored in a digital medium.

However, if you prefer to keep the originals, it becomes important to store these memories properly. Rather than stuffing memorabilia haphazardly in drawers and boxes, take some time out to organize your collection. Overhaul those cramped drawers to make your walk down memory lane as pleasant as possible.

And the first step to doing so is by assembling all the memories you want to keep.

What Can You Place in Your Memory Organizer?

There are many items that can symbolize a memory or cherished moment. Here is a quick and basic list of things you can collect to get started.

●     The simplest and most generic of all, pictures are always the ideal way to capture memories. Printed from your computer or taken with a classic Polaroid, they hold the moment forever and make it easier to recollect on.

●     Artwork is a great way to keep in mind past talent and passions. Whether made by you or your kids, you can keep these creations for years to come.

●     Certificates and trophies are always worth remembering. Your achievements should hold good memories and pride in yourself.

●     Toys are the ideal memorabilia. As you grow older, memories from childhood will be the first ones to disappear, unless you keep all the familiar faces and objects safe and sound.

●     Letters are always better kept than thrown away. Letters from friends and family should be stored safely.

●     Diaries can hold some of the best and worst memories or our lives. Tuck your pages full of recollections somewhere it’ll always be waiting for you.

●     Take pictures of items too large to place inside of a box, so you don’t ever forget them either. Previous homes, vacationing places, holidays, and more can all be kept in one simple picture. You can also keep pictures from special days like wedding days, birthdays, and parties worth more than one night.

 Now that you have some ideas on what you want to keep, it’s time to assemble it all in one ensemble.

Memory Box

A memory box can hold pictures, toys, trophies, and anything worth keeping safe tucked away securely. However, how big the box is, is up to you. So long as everything you wish to keep fits.

You can decorate or label it to distinguish it from other boxes in your closets. A memory box obviously won’t be able to fit everything. Once one memory box is full, don’t be afraid to make another one!

You can even designate boxes for each member of the family. As they grow older, keep some of their belongings that were precious to them. Tell them to place their own belongings they want to keep as well, so they get excited and involved.

Memories keep coming, so it’s best to update your boxes once or twice a year. By the time your kids move out, or you all move together, you’ll have plenty of memories to keep yourself warm inside.

Memory Shelf

With a memory shelf, you can always putt your belongings on display for you and others to see. The best shelf to go with in this case is one that has glass doors. Everything stays safe, and you can always look back to see your precious property.

You can combine the memory box and shelf by keeping all of your memory boxes on one shelf everyone can access as they please. Pictures and papers can go into the boxes for safe-keeping while toys and trophies can be displayed for all to marvel at.

Memory Mural

If you have an abundance of pictures from a certain holiday, party, or time, then what better way to keep them safe than to frame them?

Create a collage or mural for your memories and hang it on the wall. All the best moments will be in plain sight whenever you want to see them.

You can’t necessarily place toys or trophies on a mural, so it’s better to stick to pictures and art pieces. These can be hung, framed, and appreciated for as long as you keep them on the wall.

Go Digital

With time, everything has become increasingly digital. Pictures, certificates, and sometimes your own memories are stored in a more digital manner.

Rather than feeling distaste with this change, embrace it. Place all of your pictures in one hard drive or USB and keep it safe with all of your other belongings. Create playlists and recordings, videos and chats that are worth remembering in the future over your computer.

Always have a back-up or second copy of everything you’re keeping. You don’t want to lose everything in case of a virus or bug.


Since these are the most valuable of your memories, and it hurts to let them go or forget them over time. Instead of risking what is dearest to you, you can find everything beloved to you and place it all in one organized memory stash.